Faq and pricing

FAQ & pricing

How much does Family Cord Blood & Tissue Banking cost?

We appreciate that having a baby can sometimes be financially challenging but we also believe in the importance of storing your baby’s cord blood & tissue and offer a range of payment plans to help make cord blood banking as financially accessible to Australian parents as possible.

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How long will my child’s cord blood & tissue be stored?

Cryosite has payment plans for initial storage periods of either 18 or 25 years. When your child turns 18 or 25, they can extend the storage period by paying a nominal annual storage fee.

What happens after 18 or 25 years?

Cord blood & tissue can be safely banked for longer than the term of your initial Storage Agreementstorage agreement.

Your child’s cord blood & tissue will be banked in Cryosite’s secure cryopreservation laboratories for the initial period of 18 or 25 years, unless released for use before this time. When your child turns 18 (the age of legal majority), your initial storage agreement expires and your child, then an adult, can elect to continue storage by entering into their own Storage Agreement with Cryosite. We will contact you before your child’s 18th birthday and remind you of your options.

The cost to extend storage after 18 years is based on a small annual storage fee. Please call us and we can provide you current costs for annual storage after 18 years. You can elect to prepay the first 7 years of this “Extended Storage Agreement” option now, with an additional payment of $350. This prepayment guarantees a total 25 years storage at a fixed price.


Cryosite would like to make the cord blood & tissue banking process as easy to understand as possible. Please read through our frequently asked questions to learn more about cord blood banking.

To help you learn more about the value of saving cord blood & tissue and the best way to go about it we recommend you read through the Cryosite Cord Blood Banking Information Pack and Cryosite Cord Blood Storage Agreement.