Pricing and payment plans

Payment Plans

Full details of these payment plans are included on page 9 of our Storage Agreement.

a: Monthly payments commencing one month after your child's birth
b: 17 annual payments commencing the year after your child’s birth. Annual fees are subject to CPI increase.
c: An Early Repayment Option is available for Plan C: At any time during the contract period the remaining Storage Fees may be paid in full. If this option is exercised any remaining storage fees will be discounted by 30%

How much does Family Cord Blood Stem Cell Banking cost?

We appreciate that having a baby can sometimes be financially challenging but we also believe in the importance of storing your baby’s cord blood and offer a range of payment plans to help make cord blood banking as financially accessible to Australian parents as possible.

Cryosite strives to keep the prices for cord blood banking as low as possible without compromising the quality of the service, which is our absolute priority. Cryosite does not require full payment until your child’s stem cells are safely stored.

There are no charges for the release and transport of your child’s cord blood within Australia when they are needed.

You have the option of Initial Storage for 18 or 25 years

Cryosite has payment plans for initial storage periods of either 18 or 25 years. When your child turns 18 or 25, they can extend the storage period by paying a nominal annual storage fee. Call us for more information on extended storage.

Cryosite’s Discounts

• Existing Cryosite clients - $200 discount
If you have previously banked your baby’s cord blood with Cryosite we would like to show our appreciation by offering you a $200 discount for each successive child.

• If you have previously banked with someone else - $150 discount
Banking your child’s cord blood is an important decision, and naturally, you would want to re examine the capabilities of your previous cord blood company before you enter into a new storage agreement for subsequent children. If you previously banked with someone else, and you would rather bank a subsequent child’s cord blood with Cryosite, we offer a $150 discount for your next baby’s cord blood collection.

• Twins Discount - $400 discount
To assist with the costs associated with twin births, we provide a $400 discount off the total Processing Fee. Ring us for special pricing on triplets.

• Refer a friend bonus - $50 discount
If you have banked your own baby’s cord blood with Cryosite and you “Refer a Friend” who stores their baby’s cord blood with Cryosite, we will mail out a $50 “thank you” voucher for referring your friend.

Potential Additional Charges

• Late Registrations – An additional charge may apply for Late Registration if a collection kit needs to be sent using a “same day” courier. Please contact us urgently if you need us to arrange this service for you.

• Collection Fees - there is no collection fee if your doctor or midwife performs the cord blood and maternal collection for you. A collection fee may apply if you require Cryosite to provide you with a collector. Please contact us for more details.

A note on comparing costs

The viability of banked cord blood stem cells and its availability for future use, depends on the experience of the scientists, and the long term security of company you chose to bank with. Parents have a choice between several private banks and when deciding, the experience and security of the cord blood company, as well as the cost, is an important consideration. Why choose Cryosite.