About Cryosite

About Cryosite

Cryosite pioneered private cord blood banking in Australia in 2002 and we remain the industry leader today. Our highly qualified and experienced team of scientists, technicians and support staff are dedicated to ensuring that your cord blood banking experience is easy and hassle free, from your initial enquiry right through to the safe storage of your baby’s cord blood.

Cryosite is a publically listed Australian company established in 2000 to provide a centralised and integrated range of specialist biological, laboratory and cryogenics services within Australia. These services have grown to include Australia’s first private cord blood bank, Australia’s largest clinical trial logistics operation, Biorepository management, and specialist services such as storage of adult stem cells for the Peter McCallum Cancer Institute and management consultancies to government, public institutions and the research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry sectors.

As can be seen from our brief company profile below, Cryosite provides a high degree of confidence to our diverse range of clients, whether they are parents who entrust Cryosite with the storage of their child’s cord blood, cancer patients who entrust us with storing their stem cells for future therapeutic use, or international pharmaceutical companies conducting clinical trials on a global scale. The financial benefits of this successful integration also provide a degree of financial security that we could not achieve with a single purpose business such as a cord blood bank only.

Cord Blood Bank

In 2001, Cryosite launched Australia’s first private cord blood bank. Cryosite pioneered private cord blood banking in Australia and was the first company to be licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the collection, processing, storage and release of autologous cord blood. Since commencing this service we have successfully stored cord blood for over 10,000 children. These samples have been collected by over 600 obstetricians who have collected cord blood for our clients at more than 250 hospitals and birthing centres throughout Australia. Cryosite has also successfully stored cord blood collected for our international and expatriate clients from many overseas locations, including SE Asia and New Zealand.

Clinical Trials

In 2003 Cryosite expanded its range of specialist biotechnology services to include the provision of clinical trials logistics to pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations who are involved in the management of international clinical trials. The growing awareness of Cryosite’s technical and regulatory expertise, sound management and financial stability has enabled us to attract many blue chip clients including Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb Pty Ltd, Amgen, Schering-Plough, Johnson & Johnson Research Pty Ltd. Cryosite is now the largest clinical trials logistics provider in Australia and currently supports over 350 different trials for 40 local and international companies.

Adult Stem Cells

In another significant recognition of Cryosite’s credentials for managing stem cells under Australia’s strict regulatory conditions, in 2004 Cryosite entered into collaboration with the Centre for Blood Therapies at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute (Peter Mac) in Melbourne, Victoria. “Peter Mac” is the only hospital in Australia dedicated to the management of cancer patients and is one of the world’s largest organisations dedicated to cancer treatment and research. Cryosite provide “Peter Macs” patient’s with safe cryogenic storage of their adult stem cells when in cancer remission for latter use if they suffer a relapse and require the re-infusion of their own cells.

Consultancy Services

Cryosite’s recognised expertise in the manufacture, cryogenic storage and transport of therapeutic goods and its long association with the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries has resulted in our specialist services being sought out by many and varied clients, both within Australia and internationally. For example, Cryosite’s services were contracted by the Australian Government in 2008 to support the potentially catastrophic Equine Influenza outbreak (AHA press release).

Quality Systems and Regulatory Licenses

Cryosite’s quality system underpins all aspects of our business. It has been developed and is maintained to ensure that Cryosite is able to continuously comply with the mandatory requirements of all applicable regulatory and statutory bodies, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Cryosite is also independently accredited by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to AS ISO 15189:2009. Cryosite’s regulatory licenses and accreditations provide our clients with evidence of independent audit and acknowledgement of the integrity of our systems. Click here for Cryosite’s licenses.

Financial Security

As Cryosite is a publically listed company (ASX code CTE), our current and ongoing financial position is also independently audited, is publically available, and must comply with the Corporations Act and Accounting Standards & Corporations Regulations. Click for Annual Report.

Cryosite’s new cord blood laboratories

Cryosite’s success required us to relocate to new purpose built laboratories and cryogenic storage facilities in Sydney, NSW in 2010. At 2,000m2 our new hi tech facility is nearly three times the size of our original site and is designed to meet world’s best practice standards, including clean rooms for the processing of cord blood. The new facility is fully licensed by the TGA and accredited by NATA. What does this mean for Cryosite’s cord blood clients?

Cryosite, Australia’s largest licensed private cord blood bank, is underpinned by a diverse, robust and financially transparent business model. When you are considering storing your child’s cord blood for more than 18 years you need to be assured not only that the company has the necessary expertise the maintain the viability of your child stem cells for this period of time, but that the company itself will be there when you need them.

Cryosite: Australia's Family Cord Blood Bank

Cryosite is licensed to allow the immediate release of your child’s stem cells to treat any compatible family member. That means that your baby's cord blood could be used for compatible siblings and family members, making the service even more valuable for your family's future health. More information on Cryosite Family Cord Blood Banking.

Since commencing operations in 2002, Cryosite has always processed and stored our clients cord blood in our own TGA licensed laboratories, and we only offer services that have been fully licensed by the TGA.

Cryosite is also independently accredited by Australia’s National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) to AS ISO 15189:2009. Cryosite’s regulatory licenses and accreditations provide our clients with evidence of independent audit and acknowledgement of the integrity of our systems.

For more information about Cryosite and our cord blood banking services please call 1800 220 410 or visit our Get Started page.